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Type delim

    object --+    
base_primitive --+

Method Summary
  __init__(self, value, fuzzable, name)
Represent a delimiter such as :, , , ,=,>,< etc...
    Inherited from base_primitive
Integer exhaust(self)
Exhaust the possible mutations for this primitive.
Boolean mutate(self)
Mutate the primitive by stepping through the fuzz library, return False on completion.
Integer num_mutations(self)
Calculate and return the total number of mutations for this individual primitive.
Nothing fancy on render, simply return the value.
Reset this primitive to the starting mutation state.
    Inherited from object
x.__delattr__('name') <==> del
x.__getattribute__('name') <==>
x.__hash__() <==> hash(x)
  __new__(T, S, ...)
T.__new__(S, ...) -> a new object with type S, a subtype of T
helper for pickle
helper for pickle
x.__repr__() <==> repr(x)
x.__setattr__('name', value) <==> = value
x.__str__() <==> str(x)

Method Details

__init__(self, value, fuzzable=True, name=None)

Represent a delimiter such as :, , , ,=,>,< etc... Mutations include repetition, substitution and exclusion.
value - Original value
fuzzable - (Optional, def=True) Enable/disable fuzzing of this primitive
name - (Optional, def=None) Specifying a name gives you direct access to a primitive

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