Package sulley :: Module primitives :: Class dword
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Type dword

    object --+        
base_primitive --+    
         bit_field --+

Method Summary
  __init__(self, value, endian, format, signed, full_range, fuzzable, name)
    Inherited from bit_field
  add_integer_boundaries(self, integer)
Add the supplied integer and border cases to the integer fuzz heuristics library.
Render the primitive.
String to_binary(self, number, bit_count)
Convert a number to a binary string.
Integer to_decimal(self, binary)
Convert a binary string to a decimal number.
    Inherited from base_primitive
Integer exhaust(self)
Exhaust the possible mutations for this primitive.
Boolean mutate(self)
Mutate the primitive by stepping through the fuzz library, return False on completion.
Integer num_mutations(self)
Calculate and return the total number of mutations for this individual primitive.
Reset this primitive to the starting mutation state.
    Inherited from object
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